We have about 10 Years Experience of Transformer Sales & Service.

  • All kind of electric transformer sales and repair.
  • We supply Installation testing & commissioning for 11 & 33 kV Electrical Sub-station equipments Transformer,
  • HT & LT Switchgear,
  • Auto PFI Plant,
  • Power Capacitor,
  • MCB, MCCB,
  • Lighting Arrester,
  • Drop Out Fuse,
  • DB, SDB, VCB, ACB, LBS, MDB etc.
  • We do complete Electrical sub station. Any require please contact We supply different types of product as below: Oil immersed distribution transformer.
  • Capacity: 100KVA – 3000KVA New and Recondition Brand Generator supply and installation High and Low voltage Substation and electrical equipment solution .

Price depends on product capacity and brand.