LED Tube Light

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We are from Correct Engineering Service Ltd.

We produce high quality energy saving LED Tube Light & Bulb with 3 years Warranty.

Product Feature:

Brand Name: Correct

Manufacture : China

Energy Used: LED Ceiling Surface 12w 2835 Save Energy 88%

Working Voltage: 95-265V AC

LED Light Source: SMD 2835, 3014

Rated Life: 35000- 50,000 hours

Luminous Flux: 300-350 Im

Power Factor: 0.98

Color Temperature: 2700-6500k

Efficacy: 105

CRI (minimum): 80

Lumen Maintenance: 98% up to 10,000 hours

Lamp Body Material: Pure Aluminum

Cover: Milk White, Transparent

High Quality electrical Driver.

Over /Low Voltage Protection.

High Brightness.

We would like to submit our price:

03 watt T8-1”Feet- Flate Shell                  Chip24,MO-2835, 300Lux 2″Feet ———-220TK

09 watt T8-2”Feet-(Round/Flat shell)        Chip44,MO-2835, 1000Lux 2″Feet———350TK

18 watt T8-4”Feet-(Round/Flat shell)        Chip120,MO-2835,300Lux 4″Feet———-520TK

20watt T8-4”Feet-(Round/Flat shell)          Chip120,MO-2835,400Lux 4″Feet———560TK

22watt T8-4”Feet-(Round/Flat shell)          Chip144,MO-2835,450Lux 4″Feet———650TK

28watt T8-4”Feet-(Round/Flat shell)           Chip168,MO-2835,600Lux 4″Feet——–750TK

40watt Industrial Bulb                                  Chip88,MO-5730 —————————1100TK

50watt Industrial Bulb                                  Chip110,MO-5730————————–1300TK

18watt Single Shed-T8/T5                          Chip120,MO-2835,550Lux 4″Feet——-620TK

22watt Single Shed-T8/T5                          Chip144,MO-2835,620Lux 4″Feet——-720TK

36watt Single Shed-T5                               Chip120x2,MO-2835,850Lux 4″Feet—-1250TK

We are Government Registered Company.

Office Address: Humaiun Center, KA- 16/6 South Badda, Hatirjheel Lake Side,

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