Fire Extinguisher – 5kg ABC 1Fire Extinguisher – 5kg ABC

Fire Extinguisher ABC powder

৳ 1,300.00 ৳ 1,100.00

We are from Correct Engineering Service LTD

Where Use: Paper, Wood, Fibers and Plastics, Oil, Petrol, Thinner, Kerosene, Butane, Chloride, Natural Propane, Vinyl Chloride, Natural Gases, Electrical fire.
Technical Specifications:
 Type: Dry Chemical Powder Type Fire Extinguisher
 Country: China.
 Capacity: 5 kg
 Testing Pressure (kgf/cm2): 30
 Working Pressure (Kgf/cm2): 15
 Approx Jet Range (Mtr): 5
 Jet maintain for min-sec: 15 – 20
 Minimum % of discharge: 85
 Temperature Range (°C) : 0-60
 Propellant: N2
 Min. Wall Thickness (mm): 1.6
 Empty weight in kg. (approx.): 3.08
 Full weight in kg. (approx.): 8.08
 Valve: Brass Forged
 Body Material: Anti Corrosive Mild Steel
 Feature: ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher is suitable for fire on ordinary combustible, highly inflammable liquids,
 Gases expelled under pressure and fires under electric tension.
 Fire Extinguishing Agents: NH4 H2 PO4
 Fire Rating: 2A 9B
 Working temp: -20°C ~ +55°C
 Driving Gas: Nitrogen at 1.2Mpa
ABC powder price list
50kg 17,500 TK
25kg 12,500 TK
10kg 2400 TK
5kg 1100 TK
3kg 950 TK
2kg 750 TK
1kg 650 TK
Fire Extinguisher Refill
ABC powder per Kg 90 TK
Co2 per Kg 100 TK
We have all king of product of Fire protection System
Our Service:
 We have all kinds of other support:
Refill Extinguisher, ABC Powder 1kg to 3kg, Full Gas Mask, Fire Blanket (4 x 6), Fire Apron, Gum, Smoke Alarm, Exit Light & Stand.
 Whole sell price rate 850/- for this rate Minimum Order quantity 50 pcs.
We have fire hydrant & sprinkler system
 1 Year Replacement Warranty
 Expert Technical Team
 24×7 Supports
 Quality Assured
 Home Delivery Service Service all over Bangladesh
We are Government Registered Company.
Office Address: Humaiun Center, KA- 16/6 South Badda, Hatirjheel Lake Side, Dhaka-1212.
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