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Fire Extinguisher CO2(5 kg)

৳ 2,800.00 ৳ 2,600.00

We are from Correct Engineering Service Ltd.
Where Use: Garments, Industry, Factory, Office House, Apartment, Super Market, Any kinds of Vehicle, Ship, Launch, etc.
Technical Specifications:
Type: Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Fire Extinguisher
Country: China.
Capacity: 5 kg
Extinguishing agent: Carbon dioxide
Propellant: Carbon dioxide
Nominal charge: 5 kg
Discharge time: 12 s
Jet length: 3.5 m
Operating pressure: 60 bar at 20°C
Test pressure according 97/23/EC: 250 bar
Temperature range: -30°C +60°C
Height: 720 mm
Width: 525 mm
Diameter: 152 mm
Weight: 12, 5 kg
Product price:

Our Service:
We have all kinds of other support:
Refill Extinguisher, ABC Powder 1kg to 3kg, Full Gas Mask, Fire Blanket (4 x 6), Fire Apron, Gum, Smoke Alarm, Exit Light & Stand.
Whole sell price rate 2400/- for this rate Minimum Order quantity 50 pcs.
1 Year Replacement Warranty
Expert Technical Team
24×7 Supports
We are Government Registered Company.
Office Address:
Humaiun Center, KA- 16/6 South Badda, Hatirjheel Lake Side, Dhaka-1212
For more details please visit our website:

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