Annual Maintenance Contract

We would like to inform you that you have 20 KVA to 2000 KVA Generator Set for Annual Maintenance Contract . Thank you very much for being a partner of Correct Engineering Service Ltd.

The different service level which copy of AMC contract is attached. We would request you to select specific service program and inform us so that we can take further step.


Rate card for Different Capacity of Generator and Different Service Level.

The ‘Service Provider’ will carry out Maintenance work at site. Assistance of competent support personnel and material handling and site preparation will be the responsibility of the “Service Provider”.

We have AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) offer of services after warranty period.

Support Levels

Correct Engineering Service Ltd. shall provide immediate response either by phone, e-mail, or by person to any of the Customer’s queries related to maintenance of the generator. The contractor shall be responsible for the agreed response time to fix any specific fault/ problem along with routine maintenance check-up.

RMS: Routine Maintenance Support

Routine maintenance shall be carried out by the Contractor as per mutually contracted months & mutually agreed schedules. The Contractor’s personnel will visit the site on selected days of the week to carry out a full system check of the supplied Generators(s). A full test report of the system check will be prepared at the end of the visit and presented to the customer.

EMS: Emergency Maintenance Support

This emergency support shall be available to customer on a 24 hours * 7 days * 52 week’s basis to handle critical service requests.

Recommended Service Time for Preventive Maintenance:
Following Preventive Maintenance should be taken by customer.
 Fuel Filter & Oil filter need to change every 200 running hours or every six month.
 Air Filter need to change every 500 running hours or every six months.
 Radiator Need to clean every 1000 hours subject to ambient dust.
 Engine oil change is needed after every 1000 hours subject to ambient dust.
 Cooling system supplemental Coolant Additive
Recommended service time may differ on Site condition. Fuel Quality, operation procedure, lube oil quantity, ambient temperature, pressure, and air intake exhaust system.
Hot Line Details:
Customer will follow the routine check-up and if they find any observation; they are advised to call/ report to service department through the Hot line No
Hot Line No:-
Emergency Department: 01712-085704, 01914-549445

Client Responsibility:

 Air Inlet Filter—————————————-Check
 Control Panel—————————————-Inspect
 Cooling System Coolant Level——————-Check
 Electrical Connections—————————–Check
 Engine Air cleaner Service Indicator————Inspect
 Engine Oil Level————————————Check
 Walk around Inspection
 The Customer should make Generator available for schedule maintenance as per schedule and inform at our schedule service department of Correct Engineering Service Ltd.
 The Customer will have to provide additional labor; lifting arrangement is needed for Maintenance.
 The Customer will have to buy parts; filters. Lubricants etc. from Correct Engineering Service Ltd. To keep running generator well.

Correct Engineering Service Ltd Responsibility:
 Checking of lube oil level, if necessary; please top up the lube oil
 Radiator water level checking
 Checking of battery water level
 Lube oil density testing by finger
 Start the generator for testing at no load
 Checking of base condition
 Checking of lube oil pressure
 Checking fuel percentage
 Checking of lube oil and fuel leakage
 Checking air filter. Radiator jam
 Start the generator with load
 Increase load gradually after 5 minutes from starting
 Checking of the load in percentage
 Checking of the sound at 60% load
 Checking of the engine sound
 Checking of out the fan belts
 Write down and check the lube oil pressure from controller
 Write down the current running hour of last servicing
 Please run the generator at least 15 minutes after completing the checking
 Checking of the auto running system
 Checking of generator at off condition
 Checking of the DC switch is in on condition or in off condition?
N.B: Spare parts price charge is not included in the contract price. We will provide spare parts as per customer requirements.


You will appreciate that detailing of such arrangements is required to have better understanding and attended to mutual satisfaction

Whereas the CLIENT has agreed to sign a Yearly maintenance contract Option-1 for ONE YEARS, Generator Installed At Your side.

Now therefore the parties aforesaid have agreed to enter in to this agreement the terms and condition which are enumerated as under.

1. Visiting Hours: 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM any working day.
2. Payment :
100% as advance at the time of work order by A/C payee cheque in favor of Correct Engineering Services Ltd.
3. Yearly Charge: BDT 16,000.00 towards yearly contract maintenance charge of the aforesaid generator as per the terms & condition stated above.
4. Termination: Annual maintenance contract is null and void if the client failed to pay as per agreement . However the issue can be resolved amicable by both parties mutual discussion.

CORRECT will not be liable for maintenance and repairs or expenses related to the following
1. The supply of fuel for day to day operation
2. Expenses resulting from the following:
 Abusive operation
 Negligence
 Accidental damage
 Unauthorized alterations of repairs
 Defective repairs by anyone other than Correct
 Damages resulting from use of others than genuine parts provided by Correct
 Disposal of waste materials and fuels including oil, fuel and antifreeze
 Fines resulting from noise or emission standards
*This agreement will not cover any major work i.e. head rebuild, alternator veering change, crank shaft seal change etc/ Top end/in frame/Major overhauling. Any of these will be done under separate agreement and will be charged separately. **

6. Other Applicable terms:
 The client will arrange entry permission, security and ensure the availability of required utility services. In case of any changes of mutually agreed date by any party prior notice should be given.
 The service job will be performed in presence of the clients authorized person.\
 After the problem has been sorted out we will submit required spares list (If any) Correct will not be responsible for any delay for providing spares or any non performance of the engine due to improper spares.
 The client will take care of the daily routine checking such as lubricating oil. Radiator water, battery electrolyte level and specific gravity.
 During the contract period Correct will not be responsible for any mishandle, negligence or malpractice by the operator.

The Agreement will be effective after the realization of payment as per contract.

Mutually agreed and signing this contract whole heatedly